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Teens on tour:

Now Booking for 2019-2021 at Theatres Across the U.S.


About Teens on Tour:

The Teens on Tour program began in 1997 and was created by a 17-year old who recognized, at a young age, that theatre was a powerful tool. Having performed for nearly 500,000, Phantom Projects Theatre Group  now launches a national version of the popular California program.

Featuring an all-youth cast, the teens involved are highly-trained teens who not only have an incredible talent on-stage, but an incredible passion for education off-stage. This combination allows the touring program to make a huge impact for middle and high school audiences everywhere it goes.

About The Show:

Experience this compelling drama centered around two high school sweethearts torn apart by a senseless act of violence. Journey into the past and gain new perspective on the present as stories from slavery and the Holocaust are woven with events inspired by today’s headlines. The Center of the Universe will leave you motivated with an unforgettable message about the value of human life. 

*Features an all- youth cast and a post- show question and answer session.


Booking Information

Fee Range: Starting at $4,000
Plus 4-6 hotel rooms and ground transportation.

RUNNING TIME: 90-120 Minutes
Performance is also available for school matinees as part of your outreach series.

4 hour load-in, 1 hour strike.

Contact Info

Steve Cisneros
Phantom Projects Theatre Group
[email protected] 

Residency Information

We cast a portion of the show with your local teens through an audition process and supplement the show with our teens.

Length of residency based on many factors such as how many hours are available, how many teens are cast local, etc.

We train your teens not only the performance aspect, but more importantly, for the post-show discussion session.

Fee Range: Starting at $5,000
Plus 2-6 hotel rooms (some are for later in the process when our teens join us) and car rental for length of residency.

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