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Charlotte's Web Audition Information

There will be approx 6-8 Performance days per month April-June 2019.
All shows are during the school day.
Conflicts can be worked around with advanced knowledge.

No pay for rehearsals.

There is pay on show days. $11/hour


Audition Dates: March 6th and 7th 6pm-9pm by appointment only.

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There will be approx 6-8 Performance days per month April-June 2019.
All shows are during the school day.
Conflicts can be worked around with advanced knowledge.

There will only be  6-8 rehearsals, however, due to the nature of the script, every actor must be at every rehearsal.

The schedule will be based completely on actor conflicts that we know about at the audition.
There will be NO Fri/Sat evening rehearsals.

Phantom Projects’ Rehearsal Hall
15517 Phoebe Ave
La Mirada CA, 90638

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The classic E.B. White story of Charlotte’s Web comes to life onstage in a live performance!

We are casting energetic, enthusiastic performers who enjoy working with children.

All performers must be over 18, and have reliable transportation.

All performances are during school hours at local elementary schools.

Performers are paid $11/hour on show days. There is no pay for rehearsals.

The audition will consist of a cold-read. Please bring a picture and resume.

Performers also set-up and breakdown the sets and props. All actors will be trained on proper usage.

CHARLOTTE, FEMALE, 18 and over. to play a spider. She is Wilbur’s barnyard guardian angel. She is smart, resourceful and wise, and maybe a little bit quirky. (Also provides offstage voices to 2 characters)

TEMPLETON, MALE, 18 and over. Wily, mischievous and selfish rat. Actor also plays Arable, Fern’s father, mong other characters. (Also plays Arable and Lurvy)

FERN, FEMALE, 18 and over. To play young girl. Loyal and loving girl who is Wilbur’s human protector; (Also plays Goose, Judge, Spectator).

HOMER, MALE, 18 and over. The friendly farmer. (Also plays a Sheep, Spectator, Judge and Avery)

NARRATOR, MALE or FEMALE, 18 and over. Energetic guide to our young audiences. Sets the tone of the whole show! (Also plays Gander, Reporter, Uncle the Pig, and the President of the Fair). 

The role of WILBUR has been cast.

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Please bring a headshot and resume, if available.

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The Young Artist Project audition information

Presented by Phantom Projects Theatre Group as part of our 2018/19 season at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts

Do you live, eat, drink, and breathe for creativity?
What if someone gave you a 1,300 seat theatre and a 5,000 square foot rehearsal hall, and let you create a show with no limits and no boundaries.

More information will be available early June 2019.

More information will be available early June 2019.

One Performance Only!
August 3, 2019 at 1:00pm

Phantom Projects’ Rehearsal Hall
15517 Phoebe Ave
La Mirada CA 90638

Put 10 promising young artists in a workshop environment with no creative limits, stir with the guidance of a veteran director and cook under the pressure of a public performance within weeks and what do you get? A theatrical event that blends drama, hip-hop, poetry,
 comedy, film, dance, film and storytelling.

Phantom Projects Theatre Group’s 9th Annual Young Artist Project is currently providing such the crucible for a talented troupe of strangers who will come together quickly to learn, create and experience the joys and pressures of creating professional theatre. Everything is original and created by the young participants.

The event brings together aspiring artists between the ages of 16 and 23 to merge their unique talents – whether writing, directing, acting, singing, dancing, etc. – in a collaborative effort to develop performance pieces by members of the group.

*Each participant must select ONE primary category that they feel best represents their talent and as many SECONDARY categories that they feel interests them.

*Each participant MUST be between the ages of 16-23.

*Each participant must participate in at least 2 segments of the performance, regardless of the categories they select. Ex: Singers can’t just sing, they must participate in an additional way.

*Each participant must have a good attitude and a positive energy throughout the process.

More information will be available early June 2019.

What is the Young Artist Project?
The Young Artist Project (YAP) was created in 2007 as part of Phantom Projects’ 10th Anniversary. The idea was to find young people who were already veterans in their craft, to give them complete creative control over a production that they create from scratch.

Where are rehearsals and performances held?
Rehearsals are held at our rehearsal hall in La Mirada, CA.The performance takes place at the beautiful 1,300-seat La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts.

What’s the catch?
The performers selected for the project will have exactly 14 days from first meeting to final bow, to completely create, rehearse, learn and perform their production.

How can I get involved?
Only 10 participants will be selected. Each year, we received well over 100 applications. Of those who apply we tend to audition 40 of them. From those 40, we select the participants.

What ages are accepted?
Performers must be between the ages of 16-23 as of July 2019.

Is there pay?
There is no pay for the project. However, the experience gained is like no other and will 
stay with you forever.

Is there a fee to be involved?
Absolutely not. There are no fees or costs to be involved.

What is the schedule?
The schedule is set by the participants (except for specific dates that will be given June 2019). However, in order to make this project completely unique and to meet the high quality we have come to expect, the performers pretty much eat, sleep, drink and live the Young Artist Project 24 hours a day for the entire 14 day process.

What kind of show do we need to create?
You need to create something that is amazing. Something that speaks to you. Something that speaks to your audience. The only limits are your imagination.

What if I’m more of a performer than a writer?
That’s fine…we need all pieces of the puzzle to make this work. However, all participants must bring two talents to the table.

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