Production stage manager


This position pays $600

How to Apply: Click here, and send a cover letter and resume (with references). No calls please.

Phantom Projects Theatre Group at La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts
is seeking a Production Stage Manager (Non-Union) for the opening show in our 18/19 season, Afflicted: Daughters of Salem. Rehearsals begin October 1. There are only 2 performances, in one day, on November 15, 2018 at 10AM and 7PM.

Interviews are ongoing until the position is filled and will take place at our offices in La Mirada.

Auditions: September 24/25, Callbacks September 26
First Rehearsal: October 1
Rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings and either Saturday from 2-5pm or Sunday 6pm-9pm
Load-in: November 14 (all day and night)
Performances: November 15, (10AM  and 7PM performances)
Restore: November 19-23 (One day only)

The Production Stage Manager (PSM) must have the ability to create and maintain a positive work atmosphere by communicating in a professional manner; ability to execute tasks and collaborate efficiently; ability to maintain a professional attitude in a fast-paced environment and ability to work independently and closely with the show’s director, crew, and performers.

– PSM is responsible for the safety and welfare of all Production Personnel involved with the production process.

– PSM needs to be familiar with, adhere to, and enforce all of Phantom Projects’ policies and procedures.

– PSM is the first to arrive and the last to leave all rehearsals and is responsible for unlocking and locking of the rehearsal space. The rehearsal space is to be kept in a clean and orderly condition.

– PSM pays particular attention to the health and safety of underage production personnel and reports any unsafe or inappropriate behavior to the Production Manager or the Artistic Director immediately.

– PSM arranges, in coordination with the Producing Artistic Director and Director, all production meetings.

– PSM assists the director during the rehearsal process, attending all rehearsals and performances and, in coordination with the running crew, is responsible for maintaining the artistic integrity of the show during the entire run of the production.

– PSM keeps all informed of any changes that might affect the production during the rehearsal process, via nightly rehearsal reports.

– PSM provides all production staff with a contact sheet of everyone involved with the production and production schedules.

– PSM maintains a “prompt book” and writes down all blocking and choreography during the rehearsal process. All blocking notes are the responsibility of the Stage Manager.

– PSM, in coordination with the Director, shall ensure that there is a rehearsal assistant on book at all rehearsals. It is the responsibility of the Stage Manager, in cooperation with the Director, to give line and dialect notes to the performers.

– PSM performs other relevant duties as required by the Director and the needs of the show.

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