TEENS ON TOUR brings real teens to theatres, schools and youth groups to confront topics such as bullying, prejudice, tolerance and violence. How can you make a difference in your community? Want to join our team? Check out this video to find out what it’s like be a part of TEENS ON TOUR!

For questions, contact us at 714.690.2900

Auditions are ongoing and
by appointment only. 

What/Who: Phantom Projects is casting males (ages 15-21) to perform for their peers in a show called THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. The show deals with prejudice, racism, bullying, violence, and more.

Performance Info
The shows are during the day, no more than once per week, no more than 2-3 times per month, Mid-January-May.
Each actor must be able to partake in a post-show discussion about the show.
There is no pay.

Phantom Projects’ Rehearsal Hall, 15517 Phoebe Ave, La Mirada CA 90638

Rehearsals as a whole:
Rehearsals will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays OR Sundays based on actor conflicts. Rehearsals will be scheduled based on actor conflicts. 

What to prepare: 
The audition will be a cold-read. Sides will be provided to you at the audition. Please have in mind what character you would like to audition for.

Please bring a headshot and resume, if available. 

TEENS ON TOUR is a uniquely powerful style of production that brings real teens to the stage, to confront serious topics facing their generation. Tackling bullying, violence, racism and prejudice, The Center of the Universe takes audiences on a journey into the past, to gain new perspective on the present as stories from slavery and the Holocaust are woven with events inspired by today’s headlines. The candid, post-show discussion with the cast will leave you motivated with an unforgettable message about the value of human life.


*All performers MUST be between the ages of 13-21. No exceptions.
*No experience is needed.
*A good attitude and lots of energy is just as important, if not more important, than talent.
*Performers will only miss approximately 2-3 days of school per month; no more than once/week.
*Each participant must be able to comfortably speak about the topic of the show in which they are cast.


[CRAIG] male, 17-21, Maria’s boyfriend; He’s charismatic, smart, funny, loving, and has a great personality that lends to the belief that Craig and Maria really can be together forever, despite their young age. He plans to attend law school after high school.

[THE ANTI-CONSCIENCE] male, 17-21, A narrator type character that connects various horrific historical events to each other; his cup is always half empty, and while his words make one initially think he couldn’t actually be correct about the direction of society as a whole, he backs them with facts and convincing arguments.  His commanding stage presence, strong loud voice, and level of confidence allows him to convincingly represent all that is evil in the world; and he enjoys it.

[RON] male, 15-21, Ron is approached by a trio of random strangers, hell bent on clearing their neighborhood of anyone who’s lifestyle they disagree with; despite a lacking of any actual knowledge of Ron or his sexual preference (in fact, his orientation is never disclosed) he is attacked and beaten. His 4th-wall-breaking, powerful monologue brings nothing but compassion from audiences.

[NAZI] male, 15-21, This stone-cold, unfeeling, loud soldier feels nothing for his victim, in fact taking great joy in the power he holds over Mrs. Kominsky. Genuinely convinced that he’s simply carrying out his tasks, as ordered,  the Nazi ranges from quiet, creepy, angry and arrogant, as he argues and justifies his actions with the Human Conscience.

[KLANSMAN] male, African-American or Hispanic, 15-21, This hate-filled, fired-up member of the KKK, is convinced that the quality of life will vastly improve once there is just one race. The character wears a white sheet, hood, and gloves, and will intentionally be played by a race that the actual character would despise.

[SLAVE] male or female, African American, 13-21, This role has no lines, but the words and thoughts that are unsaid, are heard loudly through the facial and body expressions displayed throughout. The slave helps immediately set the tone of the production, on the floor, below the feet of his arrogant slave owners who throw the character around treating their “owned property” with zero compassion.

[SLAVE MASTER] male, 15-21, Along with his wife, the Slave Mistress, he is proud, obnoxiously patriotic, and completely unaware, or simply doesn’t care about, the humanity of his slaves. He genuinely believes he’s “providing” for his “boy;” completely blind to the horrendous fact that he owns another human being.

[MR SOCIETY] male, 15-21, In this cartoonish moment in an otherwise dramatic production, Mr. Society is over-the-top, comedic, big and farcical in his delivery; he, along with his wife, Mrs. Society, are complete numb to the world around them. While eating dinner, the couple learns about a shooting. Between requests for the next course in their dinner, the couple learns that the shooting has killed a young girl in their neighborhood: Maria. They pause long enough to plan a night at the movies, and toss away the newspaper with as much care as they showed for the young death.

[ROBBER] male, 15-21, A man of few words, but with perhaps the heaviest scenes, as he is the person who ends Maria’s life. For a very brief moment, we are able to see through the tough exterior of the character, down to a potentially conflicted individual who is unsure of how to deal with his feelings, and the power he holds over Maria’s life. This moment is fleeting however, as he callously kills her, walking away with a few dollars, a bag of chips, and a smile.