We highly recommend planning your reservations as far in advance as possible. Full payment is required in advance to guarantee a rental. Purchase Orders are accepted from school distrcits and municipalities. 

Refundable Deposits

A deposit is required for EVERY item that leaves our premise. This deposit is to secure your rental dates and to cover any damage to rented items. The deposit will be refunded within 30 days after items are returned and inspected.z


Each group is responsible and liable for damages other than normal wear to the rented item(s) up to and including the value. Repairs are billed back at $40/hour. If permission is granted to allow a renter to alter a costume, then charges will be billed back for any costume returned with the alterations still in place. All alterations must be undone before being returned. 

sCENERY/pROP Handling

Extreme care while unloading and loading scenery will prevent unnecessary damage. Any damaged items, rips, tears or punctures will be repaired at a charge of $40 per hour. Under no condition is the customer to alter item(s) in any manner without expressed permission from Phantom Projects. Any painting that is approved, will be approved with the understanding that each item must be “based out” in white before being returned.

Costume Handling

Under no condition can the costumes be permanently altered. Any alterations must be sewn with large removable stitches. Safety pins are not permitted for any alterations.  Damaged costumes or accessories will be repaired at a charge of $40 per hour up to the full replacement cost.  Do not use tape or adhesives.


Any cancelled reservation will result in the forfeiture of the customer deposit.