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Through These Eyes

Performance Dates and Info:

April 12, 2018
(La Mirada Theatre, CA)

April 19-23, 2018 (Bishop, CA)
(Housing, transportation, meals, provided for Bishop dates)

Please note: Cast will consist of teens and young adults, ages 13-21.
Not casting older to play younger.


Auditions are by Appointment on Tuesday Feb. 27: 7-10pm
Wednesday Feb. 28: 6pm-9pm
Callbacks (By invitation): Thursday March 1: 6pm-9pm

Phantom Projects Theatre Group is casting for the 3rd show of their 17/18 Season at La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts (with additional performances in Bishop, CA)

Rehearsals as a whole (actors are NOT called to every rehearsal):

Rehearsals will be spread out during the week. Weeknight evenings, and weekends, when we have rehearsal would be during the day or early evening. There will be no Friday rehearsals.

La Mirada Theatre Performance:
Load in Day: Wednesday April 11, 2018: 5pm-11pm
There are only 2 performances, all in one day, on April 12, 2018
at 10:00am and 7:00pm.

Bishop, Ca Performances
Cast will be taken to Bishop, CA on April 19th where they will tech the show, and perform on April 20th. Cast will have a day off and tech on either April 21 or April 22 with another performance on April 23. Cast will be taken back to Los Angeles area that night.

April 19-23, 2018 (Bishop, CA)
(Housing, transportation, meals, provided for Bishop dates)

Phantom Projects’ Rehearsal Hall
15517 Phoebe Ave, La Mirada 90638

Phantom Projects Theatre Group is casting Through These Eyes, a play by Bruce Gevirtzman about self-image and eating disorders aimed at teen audiences, featuring real youth performers and a post-show talk back between the performers and the audience.

This is is a unique performance geared towards teen audiences. This particular production must be cast using real youth performers 21 years old and under. We are NOT seeking older actors to play younger.

The performance will conclude with a post-show discussion between the performers and the audience about the topic of the show. Performers will be trained on how to handle the subject matter.

Audition Notes:
*Auditions will consist of a cold-read. Sides will be available at the audition.


[EMMA] Female, 17-21, central character of the show, ‘speaks the words that virtually all young people, male or female, will relate to about how we see ourselves, despite her own view of herself,’ she is pretty, must have a strong stage presence, does not need to be thin, part of her weight problem is in her own eyes, dealing with bulimia, she is aware of her problem, but doesn’t see it as a problem.

[RAFA] Male, 14-21, confident young man, confused about what others dictate a man should be versus the man he thinks he is, where he should find love and support from his parents and friends, he finds questions about his passions and style of dress, as a response, he experiments with cutting.
[JACKIE] Female, 15-21,
typical, good-natured, if not ditsy, teen, friend of Emma, genuinely caring, but completely unsure of what a friend does to support/help a teen dealing with bulimia, torn between her duties as a friend to protect Emma’s secret and the responsibility of getting help, comedic timing helpful.

[SARA] Female, 15-21, bold, feisty, strong in attitude, Emma’s friend, concerned about her battle with bulimia, but more angered by the choices being made versus the health aspects, she can’t understand how a beautiful young girl could do such things to herself.

[DONNY] Male, 14-21, slightly overweight, ‘sensitive guy who we can all relate to,’ women find him trustworthy and endearing, picked on by other guys for his ability to show feelings, since ‘real men’ should never show such weakness, not a bad bone in his body, genuine.

[SIENNA] Girl, 11-13, Emma’s younger sister who struggles to understand how the sister she looks up to and respects would abandon her goals and ambitions to reach for the unobtainable goal, delivers a heartfelt monologue about the death of her sister, ability to cry on cue.

[DYLAN] Male, 15-21, good looking, cocky, arrogant teen on the outside, when we dig into his inner soul, we find out the reasons for his cold exterior, sensitive, but his father would never want to see this side of him, so he overcompensates by punishing those around him who demonstrate this ‘weakness’.

[MAURA]Female, 15-21, smart teen with a good life, ignorant to the feelings of others, especially her best friend, Eliana, she has no problem getting guys and good grades, and assumes this is life for everyone, borders ‘b*tchy,’ but we never quite cross that line since it isn’t with ill-intent that she sees life in this way.

[ELIANA] Female, 15-21, struggling with the typical self-image issues we all deal with, doesn’t have the ‘perfect’ body, but isn’t out of shape, struggles to have the confidence to talk to guys, and has to work harder for her grades, shy, but has a lot to say on the inside, but she usually keeps it in.

[ENSEMBLE] Males and females, 13-21, to play various other characters that make up the friends and families of the above characters, much variation and flexibility needed as these performers will interact as different characters throughout the show. Ensemble members have the same amount of stage time as the principal characters.