After using theatre as a teaching tool for the past 21 years, it is clear that our performances have inspired and impacted a wide range of audiences, but let their feedback speak for itself. 

Hello Phantom Projects, My name is *** and I just really wanted to give you a great big thank you. Last week, The Center Of The Universe group came to my school. I was already having a lot of anxiety that day, and I was nervous that there was going to be a heavy-themed play. Once I got there and sat down, I immediately noticed one of the performers, *****. She had a sunflower tattoo on her forearm that I will never forget. As the play went by, I felt that my heart was touched completely. I was on the verge of tears and was so happy I felt so much in my heart. Later, while the staff was doing a Q and A, ***** had brought up that she had been bullied when she was my age, and I felt an immediate connection to her. After the play, I took my Twenty One Pilots jacket and gathered up all my courage and went right up to her with a friend of mine that I dragged along. I told her that I felt that the play was very important and that everyone should see it. With a nudge from my friend, I said a little about my life story. I told her that I recently came from a public school where my anxiety and depression was at its peak and that resorted to cutting myself and suffered for a long time. I will never forget how she started to tear up, and how she rolled up her sleeves to reveal that the sunflower tattoo was covering up a scar. She told me the best advice that I had ever heard and I felt like my life was being pieced together. She told me that I was the center of my own universe, this was my world now. I went home that night and cried happy tears because this play and your staff had changed my life forever. I just wanted to say that you guys have really made a difference in me and I will never forget it. Please keep up the good work and I hope to someday see you again. Thank you.”
Audience in The Center of the Universe