Teens on Tour

The Center of the Universe

Running through July 14, 2020

Re-imagined for a whole new format. See it like you’ve never seen it before!

Our goal is to gain financial sponsors and supporters for this virtual performance and to enhance elements of what you see below, making it available to schools across the nation as a virtual assembly in the upcoming school year. With live Q and A sessions and other elements that would make this a truly unique version of our live show, presented in a whole new way.

How to watch the performance:

1: Scroll further down this page to watch the show, but before doing so, if possible, please make a donation by clicking  at the top of this page, or by clicking here. Or mail a check to Phantom Projects PO Box 250, La Mirada, CA 90637

2: Treat this like a real performance in a live theatre. Watch this on full-screen, on a big TV, etc. Turn off the lights. Turn off the cell phones. Turn up the speakers. Create the environment!

3: Consider becoming a sponsor of this virtual performance to keep the themes and messages alive in for the coming year, until we can get back on the road. E-mail us by clicking here or call 714.690.2900.

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TEENS ON TOUR is a uniquely powerful production that brings real teens to the stage, to confront serious topics facing their generation. Tackling topics such as bullying, violence, racism, and prejudice, The Center of the Universe takes audiences on a journey into the past, to gain new perspective on the present as stories from slavery and the Holocaust are woven with events inspired by today’s headlines. The candid, post-show discussion with the young cast will leave you motivated with an unforgettable message about the value of human life.

Written by: Bruce Gevirtzman
Directed & Edited by: Steve Cisneros
Stage Manager: Tessa Githens

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