About The Show

On their personal quests for identity, teens struggle everyday to live up to the standards of society, the media, their friends and the vision they see of themselves in the mirror. Through These Eyes tracks a group of adolescents dealing with difficult issues of self-image and related challenges. 

The Breakdown

Type: Drama
Audiences: Appropriate for audiences 6th grade and up.
Tech: Area staging. No set required. Minimal props.
Cast: Flexible. Principals: 10; Ensemble: Expandable to as many as needed.
Approximate Running Time: 60 Minutes

Topics Covered:

Self-image, eating disorders, self-worth, respect, cutting, manhood.



Royalites for this show are $75 for schools, and most smaller groups. Royalties may be higher based on ticket admission price, union-shows, larger theatres, etc.

To apply for permission to perform, click here.

Media Package Available

$150 Includes:
Customized Web Commercial with your school logo, student names.
Press Release Template
Logo Usage
DVD of a past performance for reference
Sample Questions for your Q and A
Production photos for reference

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