Read below for easy, yet effective ways to support phantom projects

#1: Create a facebook fundraiser

When doing so, add photos, or videos from your time with us!

Write a personal message…a story…a moment, a video. Anything that gets people to see this matters to you.

Venmo: @PhantomProjects
This is where people can make a tax-deductible donation of any size. This is a good link to e-mail to family or friends or businesses with your story as to why help is needed, and a heartfelt message from you. This is where we hope to get bigger donations. A tax receipt is e-mailed immediately after
they make their donation.

#5: Film a video

Talk to the camera: tell people how much Phantom means and has meant to you. Tell a story. Be vulnerable. Be honest. Be direct. Be emotional, be raw. Share it across all of your platforms and also send it to us so that we can use it too!

#7: Buy a Gift Card

Our NEW Gift Cards can be used to purchase classes, merchandise, season tickets or field trip tickets! Or any event we add to our website (Not counting tickets sold on the La Mirada Theatre website)

#8 Buy Merchandise


Right-click the above image and save it... You post it in your story and ask friends to donate using our VENMO @PhantomProjects. As they donate, you repost with their @ over the amount they gave and you thank them. You continue until it’s full! (and start over again, if it fills up fast!) This is good for Snapchat too…reaching a younger population that may not be able to do much more than the $5-$20 range. If 20 of us fill our cards, that’s already $4K right there. Encourage people to give up coffee for a day, or 2 days. Or Chik-Filet, etc.

#4: subscribe to our 2020/21 season

They can do so at

This is a great way to support us but also to be part of the audience for next season!

#6: Contribute

Think about how many rehearsals and shows you show up to in

which you have a Starbucks in your hand! Or Food of any kind…how much are you saving now that we’re pushing back everything…donate that amount yourself!<br&gt;
Venmo: @PhantomProjects<br>

#9: Write a Letter

Write a letter about what Phantom means to you. It can repeat things you may already say or post in the above, as these will be used by us to send to potential donors and supporters.

#10: Send us your ideas

Do you have another idea? Is there something you want to try! Send me some thoughts…