Charlotte’s Web 2018 School Tour


Production Description
Casting a school tour production of E. B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web” for Phantom Projects Theatre Group. The story, based on the classic book, features all of the the classic characters, coming to life for young audiences.

Who we are casting
Seeking performers 18 and over for this school tour. Each actor must have reliable transportation and flexible schedules.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations
Rehearsals begin in mid-march, based on availability of those who are cast. There will only be 4-6 rehearsals, based on the availability of those who are cast.

Auditions and Rehearsal Location:
Phantom Projects’ Rehearsal Hall, 15517 Phoebe Ave., La Mirada, CA;

Performance info:
The tour runs April 1-June 4, 2018. Performances are during the day at schools in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Performers will meet at each school location and will unload the truck, set up the show, and repack the show and truck after performing. Each actor will be trained in these simple steps. Show days are usually early morning until early afternoon. We average 4-6 days per month

Compensation & Union Contract Details
No rehearsal pay. Pays: $11/hr. on show days.



The role of Wilbur as has already been cast.

Templeton, male: Wily, mischievous, and selfish rat; actor also plays Arable, Fern’s father, among other characters; also plays Arable and Lurvy.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Charlotte, Female: to play a spider; she is Wilbur’s barnyard guardian angel; she is smart, resourceful, and wise, and maybe a little bit quirky; also provides offstage voices to two characters.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Fern, to play young girl: loyal and loving girl who is Wilbur’s human protector; also plays Goose, Judge, Spectator.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Homer, male: the friendly farmer; also plays a Sheep, Spectator, Judge, and Avery. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Narrator, male or female: energetic guide to the young audiences; sets the tone of the whole show; also plays Gander, Reporter, Uncle the Pig, and the President of the Fair. Ethnicity: All Ethnicities