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A real life science show, performed by a real life scientist!

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Based on the California Next Generation Science Standards

About the show

Join Jargie on a journey of scientific exploration! Based on the California Next Generation Science Standards, this live, interactive, science education show will rattle the molecules of your inner scientist.

Each 40-minute performance features quirky experiment-driven segments that promote a solid understanding of the topic and ongoing curiosity even after Jargie packs up her lab.

Pricing/Set-Up Info
1 Performance: $300
Each Additional: $200*
*Same Day/Same Location/Same Topic

The performance is approximately 40 minutes long.
We require 60 minutes to set up and 60 minutes to breakdown. We are completely self-contained; we simply need an empty area or stage.

We prefer to be on the same level as the audiences, and not up on a stage.

Max audience size per performance is 60.


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Upper Elementary
The Scientific Method

Gravity & Energy

Lower Elementary
Chemical Reactions

Click here for a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions About a Jargie Assembly

"Great, compact and informative program. Well delivered education and presentation of
The Scientific Method.
Perfect amount of humor too!"

-Tisha Paster, Burbank, CA

"My 3rd graders LOVED Jargie! Emptying the cageteria took a while because every student wanted to pass by and say "hi!" to Jargie! They continued talking about the way back to class, and in-class discussion let me to look for ingredients to let students try some things in class. My 4th grade daughter saw the assembly the day before and had the same reaction. She loved it and told me all about it that night and couldn't wait for me to see it!

-Joyce Yniguez
Central Elementary School
Baldwin Park

Jargie the Science Girl is a quirky biochemist eager to share her love for science, theatre, oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction, and the color pink. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Irvine. She has taken an active role in Neurobiology research focusing on neurodegeneration and aging diseases. Her work in Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome cell characterization was published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. She worked in the private sector, researching allergy diagnostics, with a patent pending in chemistry customization, after which she discovered her passion for arts education as a K-8 science instructor at a private academy. Lately, Jargie wanders around the University of Southern California where she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Neuroscience.

Jargie's love for the performing arts began as a child, when she saw her first live production of South Pacific. She hated it. Since then, she has gone on to perform at various stages throughout Southern California, occasionally creating original works along the way.  She is excited to covalently bond her two passions to create an interactive and unique science education show that encourages young students to be curious about the wonders of the world!

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